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J-Mits, Finally a Twitter We Can Understand

August 30, 2010

I just want to kill myself when my parents send me forwards like this.
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Jewish Mother-in-Training: Tip – school lunch

August 28, 2008

remember those days in middle school… …when your popularity depended upon whether you brought your lunch or bought it. Fortunately, in my little home town, the cool people always brought their lunch (obvi, I was part of that group). However, bringing lunch can be tricky, and there is a specific JM-ish way to go...
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Jewish Mother-in-Training: Tip – Tissues

August 25, 2008
Jewish Mother-in-Training:  Tip – Tissues

hi, i’m a jmit. this is my new column. in case you don’t know what a jmit is, it’s a Jewish Mother In Training. You probably want to get that expression in your head if 1) you are a JMIT; 2) your girlfriend is a JMIT; 3) you like to date Jewish girls; or...
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