In alphabetical order:

BrandyB is a shy one who blossoms once you get her DJ’ing. A professional fashionista, photographer, and interviewer with an eye for hidden treasures

bucky_katz is definitely not your typical stay-at-home housewife. She’s on the path to traditional marriage (man, woman, state supported) but that doesn’t make her boring.

Fortuna_köln likes the umlaut. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t. You’ll soon agree that he’s a persuasive know-it-all with a passion for making mixes. His weekly interpretation of the week’s news will probably make you wonder why you’re not as talented as him.

Ian Caithness is our overseas correspondent. If we ever need to know anything about the UK, he’s our resident expert.

Iordain used to sling coffee. now he studies philosophy or Scots. i hear he knows a thing or two about the game of life Risk and one of those animated tv shows.

Ira Sachs is an orthopedic surgeon in real life. He is also a dedicated Philadelphia Eagles fan. (Therefore, if you have any questions regarding the Dallas Cowboys or the New York Giants, be prepared for a not-so-objective response.)

Jackie Jardine made a list of her top five favorite interests that do not include alcoholism or anorexia. They include: 1) reading (feminist, psychoanalytical, indie publishing, graphic novels, zombies); 2) record shopping (girl garage rock, obscure compilations, i.e., Copulating Blues and Children’s Songs from Japan); 3) thrifting (one can never have enough grandma sweaters); 4) crafts (sewing, doodling, making zines); and 5) obsessively collecting cute/borderline-deranged things (toys, stationery, lawn ornaments).

jdl will never be our FOLR (“friend of last resort”). He will always be our computer guy, however.

Jewish Mother-in-Training wants you to start using the word JMIT (pronounced “Jay-mit”) to describe people like her.

Justin Klugh played the cornet, which may explain why he was a high school virgin. He claims to be a grammar perfectionist and urges you to point out when he falls short.

Kim Sachs is our Social Media and Community Manager. Her tough love approach – read: disciplined and motivating – brings people together more than you’d imagine.

Kiren Valjee has been with nonpretentious since its inception and recently stepped up as the site’s Editor-in-Chief. He knows his stuff about writing in the internet age, recommends good music, & looks damn good in Brooks Brothers. Ping pong talents run in his family.

Lonnie is a smut writer & hick from one of those states that’s surrounded by water & Canada but not on the East or West Coast. His sentences may make you laugh or throw up, definitely an either/or.

Marvin Fein is a proponent of writing in active voice. That’s pretty remarkable for a former legal writing professor.

Matt Erickson will provoke you to join in on the conversation. If his mix tapes or analyses of human nature don’t do the trick, he may throw out a divisive comment to rock your boat.

Melissa Sachs has been happily blogging since 2004.

Mr. Killstudent has a Lethal Bag of Teaching Tricks. He’d like to hear your Lethal Teaching Tricks as well.

Mr.Oink has a distinct voice, “indeed.” Sometimes, he brings up feelings of rage so deep in our stomachs it feels like we swallowed a volcano. Other times, he enlightens us. Talk about an emotional imbalance.

Shirley Anne writes about sex.

Thomas Dunlap is someone I’d like to get to know. Awesome music taste and lives in Texas California. What more can you ask for?

_adam may be the tallest legal technology geek in the world.

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