sportsdoc is an orthopedic surgeon in real life. He is also a dedicated Philadelphia Eagles fan. (Therefore, if you have any questions regarding the Dallas Cowboys or the New York Giants, be prepared for a not-so-objective response.)

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[Ask a Sportsdoc] Sportsdoc Speaks about McNabb’s Injury

September 14, 2009

With a mere 16 games before the playoffs, every point counts in football and so does every injury. Want to know more about the sports injury of your favorite player? Want to know who to draft on your fantasy team? Send your sports injury questions to Sportsdoc. This week, Sportsdoc answers questions about Donovan...
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Ask A Sportsdoc: Can Charlie Weis Die from Surgery

September 19, 2008

Dear Sportsdoc, Last weekend, Charlie Weis, head coach of the Notre Dame football team, was injured on the sideline. I witnessed the injury live on television, it looked painful. He is reported to have torn both his MCL and ACL in his left leg. As these are common injuries in sports such as football...
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