Act III: Future Weather – dedication is beautiful

May 9, 2012

I first heard about Future Weather in 2009 at an IgnitePhilly event.

Writer/director Jenny Deller and Kristin Fairweather spoke about the film’s premise: a young girl, whose mother abandons her, finds solace in science and protecting the environment.

Here was a female creative team who had completely embraced the risks – I’m talking real life entrepreneurial “sweat equity” – of turning a dream into reality.

Their vision really spoke to me.  You see, earlier that year, I had quit my day job to start nonpretentious, a pop culture website where people (my friends, mostly) could showcase their work.

After their five minutes was up, I’m not sure how but I worked up the nerve to ask Jenny for an interview.

I felt totally elated when she agreed.

But then I missed itTwice.

I’m not sure why.  Thinking back to that time, I’m sure it had something to do with sleepless nights or restless anxiety.

I was a beginner at scheduling, researching and writing stories.  Not to mention, I was still learning how to “build a brand.”  (Even if nonpretentious didn’t go as planned and it was the HuffPo that AOL acquired in 2011 for over $300 million… when I had to go back and find a real job.  This time one utilizing my new journalism skills.)

Either way, I thought I blew it at a crucial learning stage of my career.

But, Jenny was super understanding and fit me into her schedule a short time later.  She showed me how to be a professional – which, yes, of course, means showing up to appointments when promised…. but also means understanding that collaborators are human, especially newbies.

So, here it is almost three years later and I’m down to the wire… but I’d love to ask any and all nonpretentious readers (hello?  Hello?  Anyone still out there?) to support this environmentally-friendly film.

In April, the film made its international debut at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival starring Perla Haney-Jardine and now it’s in the last hours of the Kickstarter project to recoup post-production costs.

But, more importantly, to support its totally awesome filmmakers who have never waivered from pursuing their dreams.  (Can we say Netflix FIND Your Voice competition semi-finalist and Showtime Tony Cox Screenwriting Award?  What, what?)

They made their goal already but every small amount helps!!

And who continue to inspire those of us who are still trying to find our voices.

As Jenny Deller once said:  ”But if you are patient and trust yourself, your impulse will teach you what’s important to you as a storyteller and can force to you make stronger choices.”

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