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January 10, 2012


I’m a SWM, never married but survived a 12 year relationship. Nothing special in looks (not bad-looking either), but nerdy, smart, and funny. Apparently, based on past dating experiences, this is what I like in a woman, so hopefully you have it:

  • Bipolar personality. Doesn’t have to be clinically diagnosed, but that’s a plus factor. Definitely need to run hot and cold in your feelings about me. Must be able to act accordingly.
  • Control freak. Don’t let me do anything without your say-so. Make sure that I know that if it’s not done your way, it’s the wrong way to do it.
  • Malcontent. Other people and things must never be good enough for you. You must complain so much that I, in turn, complain to the point of other people thinking that I’m the malcontent.
  • Duplicitous. Must be willing to talk out one side of your mouth to a person and at the same time talk behind their back.
  • Animal-focused. You put your dog or cats or whatever ahead of your partner/relationship. Must be able to repeatedly show me what the pecking order is and that I’m not at the top of the list.
  • Selfish. Whatever I do for you isn’t good enough and doesn’t at all show that I care about you. You don’t do anything for me.
  • Smart. You must be good at hiding all of the above and make people think that I’m the insane one.

If this sounds like you, and I have something that you can get from me, email me. We can go to a restaurant of your choosing, and afterwards we can complain about it together, and then you can blow me off to walk your dog.

Photo required. I’m a masochist, but only for a pretty face. Also, please include at least one objectively crazy thing you’ve done in the past month so that I know you have what I’m looking for.

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