Jewish Mother-in-Training: Tip – school lunch

August 28, 2008

remember those days in middle school…

…when your popularity depended upon whether you brought your lunch or bought it.

Fortunately, in my little home town, the cool people always brought their lunch (obvi, I was part of that group). However, bringing lunch can be tricky, and there is a specific JM-ish way to go through the process of packing a lunch for your child.

Step 1: Go to costco. Get a HUGE pack of brown paper bags. You know those things? You never really thought they had a purpose besides helping people when they hyperventilate? Well, you were wrong! They spaciously allow a JM to fill their child’s lunch with goodies.

Step 2: Buy the goodies.

Step 2:

a) The Sandwich: Corned beef (duh), rye bread, yellow mustard. Wrap in tinfoil.

b) The fruit: Red apple. The apple should always be sliced. In order to keep the apple from browning, make sure to squeeze a lemon over the slices before packing them in a plastic ziploc bag.

c) The veggie: Carrots.

d) The snack: dunkaroos, cheez-its, goldfish, pretzels, chex-mix (you know what I mean…)

e) The drink: Juice boxes are *so* 4th grade. Deer park water bottle is where it’s at.

Going to work? Practice! I mean it, go pack yourself a lunch! Then take a picture of it and post it here… will be graded.

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One Response to “ Jewish Mother-in-Training: Tip – school lunch ”

  1. Melissa on August 28, 2008 at 8:47 pm

    thanks, jmit. i’ve always wondered how to make my apple stay fresh. i never knew about the lemon tip!

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