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This Week’s Recommended Reading

August 6, 2010

Freelance Writing (insider's guide)/Central Midfield Role/Snooki/Influence & Plagiarism
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Poll: Should We Show the Post Authors?

May 27, 2009
Poll: Should We Show the Post Authors?

Before, we had it set to show the post authors only when you click on the post. Some requested that we show the authors on the main page.  We changed it for now. We’d love to hear your feedback.  Vote in the comments. (Revised: 5.29.09)
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Interesting Fact about Your Nation

October 30, 2008

Your nation is safe. It is full of yearners yearning for the golden glory of your nation. Don’t worry.  Your nation is safe.
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Casual Encounters

September 21, 2008

Here is a situation I know everyone out there has faced at least once. On a rainy late summer evening the heavy muggy air started driving me wild.  It was a combination of boredom and randiness.  So I went to craislist.com and searched the casual encounters.  There it was–in beautiful blue html—BBM tired of...
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Coming Clean

September 18, 2008

Yeah Ok, someone ratted me out.  At least they were telling truth.  I LOVE fat girls. Please girls, if you are out there: don’t be afraid to finish that can of pringles or that bag of doritos.  Many of you must be wondering– why?  Why does this chubby boy from Wisconsin love chubby girls...
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