November 15 Prop 8 Protest + Utah/Sex Boycott

November 13, 2008

Prop 8 has me really pissed me off. If you’ve just popped in from Mars, Prop 8 is amendment to California’s constitution restricting marriage to heterosexuals that passed on Nov 4 by a narrow margin. It strips LGBT people of their right to existing marriage in California. According to its proponants, it also invalidates tens of thousands of existing marriages that have occurred since gay marriage was legalized; hopefully, CA courts won’t enforce this provision of the law.

Prop 8 was discrimination by referendum. And it’s going to get worse. The next wave of referendums will be directed at eliminating LGBT people’s rights to have children. We’ve already seen it in Florida, Utah, Arkansas, and a few other states. Dan Savage wrote an op-ed in today’s New York Times about Arkansas’s referendum that passed on Nov 4. But those responsible for referendums like Prop 8 have been encouraged by their success and they’re getting bolder and bolder. It’s really scary. If there was a referendum today in California or New York to eliminate adoption by gay people, would it pass? I hate to admit that I think it almost surely would, especially given that anti-gay groups would be stirring up fears and prejudices about gay people being harmful to children.

What to do? I propose three actions:

1. Protest on November 15

Thousands of LGBTQ people and allies already have begun to protest those responsible for passing Prop 8.

A national day of protest against Prop 8 is scheduled for Nov 15. Protests are being organized in cities across the country. If you live in NYC or Philly or whatever city, look at this website for information on the protest.

2. Boycott Utah

Why Utah you ask? Because that’s where Mormons live (Utah is 62% Mormon). And Mormons contributed perhaps the majority of organization and funding to Prop 8 (some estimates say up to 70% of individual donations came to fund Prop 8 came from Mormons), as encouraged by the Mormon church and its leadership.

Thus, a national boycott of tourism to Utah has been proposed.

3. No Sex for Non-Allies

Okay, this one’s my own idea. I figure that most straight girls I know support gay rights. But straight boys are all over the map. And they’re holding us back. If they’re not going to be allies, though, we need to kick them where it hurts.

Have a boyfriend/partner/friend-with-benefits who isn’t an ally? Did he vote for John McCain? Then no sex for him! Make him promise he’ll support his gay brothers and donate $100 to gay causes before you’ll have sex with him again. I don’t care how hot he is. Do it for the cause. Withhold until he supports!

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