damn, i wanted to see Spiritualized

July 30, 2008

Instead, I got totally fixated on making the blog somewhat legible.Spiritualized

I’ve decided that I’m going to write on here about how this whole common vision thing came about.

For those of you who already received your invitation, consider yourself a part of common vision nonpretentious since the beginning. Therefore, feel free to disagree or agree with anything that commonvision nonpretentious posts on here. Also…just to make it a little more fun and confusing…there won’t be just one person writing the posts by commonvision nonpretentious. that’s a team effort. each member of the team has their own identity, their own purpose, their own voice, interests, and stories.

This blog is for all of us. We’re a part of a start-up and we’re sharing our story. We’re sharing the ups and downs of creating a website, networking community, ezine…so that we can look back and learn from our mistakes and see our progress.

It will also serve as entertainment to future readers who will definitely laugh at our mistakes, steal our good ideas, and roll their eyes again and again. No trade secrets. No barriers to entry. You get it all.

(No filter. Kinda like how I speak.)

So, who are we? Well, I think you’ve met our resident smut writer. Don’t underestimate his talent. His sentences are as delicious as a soft porn and will make you feel just as tingly inside.

We have some fashionistas, music junkies, beer brewers, poker players, financial experts, legal experts, critical race theorists, cynical optimists, leftists, libertarians, students, pretentious readers, comic nerds, artists, computer programmers, aspiring writers, and more.

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