This Week’s Recommended Reading

July 30, 2010

We read a lot. Here’s what we think you should be reading this week.

The Afghan War Diary (AWD) from Wikileaks
You probably already know about Wikileaks, and may have a strong opinion about what they do. Whatever that opinion may be, this shit just got real with the largest leak of top secret war documents since the infamous Vietnam leak, a.k.a. The Pentagon Papers.

Exercising While Intoxicated
We bet you were one of those arrogant hoity-toities who thought it was impossible to drink 13 beers and run the San Francisco marathon.  Well, this guy made you look pretty stupid, didn’t he?  And then he made you look smart again, as he puked, stumbled, and blacked out across the finish line during his shockingly innovative endeavor.

Lapham’s Quarterly
We subscribe, and you should, too, but if not, please do not let this site slip under your radar. It’s tagline is, “A magazine of history and ideas.” Boom! You’re smarter and cooler. Go out there pick that hottie next to you with your amazing knowledge of history and ideas. At’ta boy/girl!

Second Student Sues School District Over Webcam Spying
Yes, that is where we went to high school. At least, Melissa and Kim.

(500) Days of Weezy
(h/t to The Awl for pointing this out to us.)
Who doesn’t love Lil’ Weezy? Well actually, a few of us here at nonpretentious can’t stand him. Nonetheless a few us also like ladycops. Let’s just call it a fascination with Weezy, he is gangsta after all and so are we. But don’t get us wrong, we will snitch on his ass, we ain’t going to the pen for nobody.

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One Response to “ This Week’s Recommended Reading ”

  1. Melissa Sachs on July 30, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    we is gangsta.

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