This Week’s Recommended Reading

July 23, 2010

We read a lot. Here’s what we think you should be reading this week.

Dissecting ‘Inception’: Six Interpretations and Five Plot Holes
It’s gotta be 1 or 2 right? Who knows, but this will keep you talking for a while, or at least get you to spend another $10.50 to figure it all out.

Dr. McNinja
Known for grotesque, manic violence and Mexican boys riding velociraptors, but what happens when his gorilla receptionist wants a kitten? If you guessed “hilarity,” you are pretty close to what the answer is.

Phillys Report at ThatBallsOuttaHere
Sure, of course we support our own writers and their other projects. But this just isn’t shameless cross promotion, we also like to laugh. Justin makes us laugh. Let him make you laugh, let him let the Phillies make you laugh.

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