Thr33s: 3 Reasons to Watch the In-Betweeners on the BBC

May 4, 2010

1.  Simon Cooper. Yes, it may be illegal to have a crush on someone who still attends comprehensive school but actor Joe Thomas’s 1983 birthdate makes it totally legit.

2.  Impress your friends. When the American version debuts, you can tell your friends in passing, “Oh, I loved the British version.” If the show performs like other UK-exports – American Idol or the Office The Office – you can be sure that subtle drop gained you some culture cred.

3.  The little things. This includes, but is not limited to, picking up British slang, the clever CSX “Breathe” commercial on Comcast on-demand, the soundtrack (mostly British indie rock – link to Oasis, the Libertines, & the Arctic Monkeys), and bringing back high-school memories.

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2 Responses to “ Thr33s: 3 Reasons to Watch the In-Betweeners on the BBC ”

  1. Dude McBrah on May 4, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    1. No comment.

    2. Unfortunately these friends will call your bluff if they’ve ever seen this show and realized how poor it is. And if your friends are impressed by foreign sitcoms and the libertines, maybe you should get new friends.

    3. And this show doesn’t make me particularly nostalgic; it’s hard to feel any emotions other than pity and disgust when confronted with these hateful and self-absorbed characters.

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