Pardon this Interruption but it’s The French Kicks

March 31, 2010

Remember when we used to feature mix tapes from cool people doing cool things around the globe?  Remember how we put the project on hold until we redesigned our site to make it more user-friendly?

That’s all out the window because next week we’re starting up again.  What better way to bring back the series than to have Nick Stumpf and Josh Wise, members of the French Kicks, headlining.

In light of this awesome news, we’d like to take a moment to promote Above Ground Episodes, a project by Josh, Nick, and Brooklyn filmmaker Theo Burtis and ask you to consider giving support.  (Support can be as little as $1).   Let’s help ‘em reach their funding goal of $6,800 because they are musicians who genuinely want to “communicate directly with listeners and art lovers.”

And, remember, stay tuned towards the end of next next week for Nick Stumpf’s and Josh Wise’s nonpretentious mix tape.

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One Response to “ Pardon this Interruption but it’s The French Kicks ”

  1. Melissa Sachs on April 12, 2010 at 10:34 pm

    We were a little delayed with our site redesign. It’s coming soon!!

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