[mix tape] Postponed

July 3, 2009

While we do have a mix tape prepared – or, shall I say, while we did have a mix tape prepared – thanks to the wonderfully fabulous, genuinely hilarious Sasha Pasulka, we are going to postpone publishing Sasha’s mix for one week.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we were unexpectedly unavailable. (Read: We’d tell you more but then we’d have to kill you.)

We feel that Sasha deserves the full attention of the nonpretentious audience. (What we like to call “the I-bored-at-work-so-I’m-surfing-the-web crowd.”) Unfortunately, most Americans have decided to take the day off. Slackers.

In the meantime, we’ll listen to Sasha’s mix and brag about it thoroughly. You, on the other hand, may want to catch up on your Evil Beet Gossip and
Zelda Lily. There will be quizzes next week.

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