[mix tape] Choo Choo the band Spins Through the Decades

May 27, 2009

From the band’s website:

CHOO CHOO IS BRINGING 60IES GARAGE APPEAL BACK into today’s pop music. Drawing influences from 60ies Teenage Beat, Pop and Soul to contemporary Garage Rock, these kids from Berne, Switzerland brew their very own blend of STEAM POWERED GARAGE POP!

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Top 3 reasons nonpretentious asked Switzerland-based band Choo Choo for a mix tape:

3.  The band loves social media (See: Wired’s SXSW: Social Networking Rocks – But Only for Some Bands);

2.  Speaking of social media, here are a few reviews by bloggers of Choo Choo’s music and coverage of their performances at SXSW 2009;

1.  A band from Switzerland goes to Detroit to record music?  All Michiganders – and, wannabe Michiganders (i.e. University of Michigan alumna) – rejoice!

And, we’re glad we did.  Choo Choo’s mix mirrors Choo Choo’s own style. From the sixties to the naughties, this pop mix will keep you dancing.  Read on for their playlist and liner notes.

The Playlist


The Liner Notes

1.    Reigning Sound – Time Bomb Highschool

Ah, I love the Reigning Sound. Greg is just a great singer and this song is simply amazing. Love the distorted Hammond organ and how it’s chasing after the guitar riff.

2.    Caesars – We got to leave

If I had to name my all-time fave band, it’s definitely Sweden’s Caesars. “We got to leave” is taken from their album “Paper Tiger.”  A beautiful pop song with a catchy melody and massive groove.  A floor filler at our parties.

3.    Broder Daniel – Shoreline

What should I say. Broder Daniel are the Kings of melancholy and teenage angst. “Shoreline” is an amazing song.  Some of you might heard the song in the cover version by Anna Ternheim.

4.    Deadly Snakes – Gore Veil

The Deadly Snakes turned from the typical Garage Rock band into a very special band that could pull almost any kind of song. Love all of their stuff. “Gore Veil” is taken from their masterpiece “Porcella.” Get the vinyl version which contains my all-time fave song by the Snakes: “Break Up Conversation.”

5.    The Dirtbombs – Earthquake Heart

A great party track! The backing vocals are by Jim Diamond, who we recorded our album with.

6.    The International Noise Conspiracy – Bigger Cages, Longer Chains

The International Noise Conspiracy in the period I liked them best. A punk song with a jazz feel to it. TINC knew how to deliver that back then.

7.    Beatles – Happiness is a Warm Gun¹

8.    Johnossi – 18 Karat Gold²

Of all the duos out there Johnossi from Sweden is my fave one. If you ever have the chance to catch ‘em live, GO! Amazing what they do on stage. 18 Karat Gold is just a great song.

9.    Mando Diao – Dance with Somebody³

Disco suddenly is cool again. Talented bastards from Sweden. Amazing song. Hot candidate for my song of the year 2009.

10.    Moneybrother – Positive Vibrations

Listening to Moneybrother makes me long for summer. Great duet from his debut album. What other duets do you know in which the male singer is singing the high notes?

11.    Lee Rogers – Cream of the Crop

Amazing Detroit soul legend. Floor filler at every party.

12.    Phoenix – 1901 (See: nonpretentious’s review of the new Phoenix album by Fortuna_Köln)

Those French indie poppers do it with style. Their new record turned out amazing. Great groovy and sexy pop/electro tune.

13.    Teddybears – Cobrastyle

Teddybears are fun. Jocke, from the Caesars, is living his electronic creativity with the Teddybears. Cobrastyle is the “Jerk it Out” for the electro/disco hipsters. I wouldn’t call myself that, but I totally dig it too.

14.    The Cynics – Here we are

The Cynics are garage legends. This song is taken from their latest record. Love the little organ solo. We met the Cynics (and actually played with them) at SXSW this year (2009). We had so much fun with these guys.

15.    The Nerves – Hangin on the Telephone

A classic. Lot of people know the version by Blondie. But this is 100 times better. Power pop perfection.

16.    Black Lips – Short Fuse

I dig the Black Lips. They’re so sloppy in their entire approach, yet they produce such beautiful music. Amazing live act too. Saw ‘em at the Magic Stick in Detroit, when we were in town recording our debut album with Jim Diamond.

17.    The Strollers – I Fell right down

My fave Garage/Fuzz/60ies band. Great songs and a great voice. This is taken from their debut album “Falling Right Down.”  (Available here and here.)

18.    Compulsive Gamblers – Two Thieves in the night

A legend. This is always the last track I put on, when DJ-ing at Parties. There is no song after this one. Perfect ballad. Greg’s crooning is heart-wrenching.

To hear more from Choo Choo, you can listen to their music on Myspace, download their album on iTunes, listen to the band’s last.fm station, follow them on Twitter, or friend them on Facebook!

¹ N/A, therefore, cover version until Beatles get on iTunes!

² N/A via iTunes.  YouTube video.

³ Only the video is available on iTunes.  You can find the mp3 here.

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