F*** my life

March 17, 2009

There is a time in everyone’s life when all they want to say is “f@!% this.”

You know, when you wake up hungover just to realize your boss is shadowing your progress for the day. Or, you get to class only to remember you had a 13 page term paper due that day that is still sitting in your printer.

It’s at times like these when the only thing that makes sense to say is “f*@# my life.”

Well, it seems that I’m not the only person who feels this way. In fact, there are thousands (okay, side note – I really don’t know, nor do I know how to find out, how many people visit this website daily – so take that with a grain of salt) of common people like me and you who publish their personal life stories that were worthy of a “f!*$ my life.“  (I guess it makes sense that this website is called fmylife.com.)

For those of you who don’t know about this website, or do know about it and have not really taken the time to read through every single “fmylife” (it’s a new noun), there is only one thing I have to say to you: Get to it!

No, it’s not the funniest website EVER. And no, it’s not even a website that will make you happy when you are feeling glum (if that’s what you are looking for, I recommend: puppy cam).  I’d say….it’s something in between. It has those hilarious FML’s that make you do the whole “OHHHH I can’t believe that” and those sad few that make you think “you’re 10. stop posting on this website.”

Either way, I highly recommend this website. And remember, if puppy cam doesn’t cheer you up remember you are still better off than this guy:

Today, I was sifting through my parents old home movies. I put in one and was horrified to see my parents having sex. I immediatly ejected the tape and looked at the label. It said “Bermuda, 1989″. They’ve told me I was conceived in Bermuda around that time. I’ve seen my own conception. FML

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