Letters to Inspiring Writers: Thanks for Making This a Softer World

August 20, 2008

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a fan’s plea

hi joey & emily:

i’ve been a linker to your site for a long, long while. i’d call myself a reader of your site but i can’t promise that i read it everyday. just sometimes. but over a number of years. like, if you keep track of your site visitors or pages that link to you – i used to publish at http://lawprocrastination.blogspot.com. that’s when i was in law school. now, i procrastinate in all aspects of my life. i’m not matriculated in anything though sometimes i wish i was. then i’d get to wear hoodies everyday.

anyway, my friends and i have started a website. (i was going to say e-zine but can something really be called an e-zine? isn’t an e-zine simply a website? sorry i keep questioning my dialect. i’m a fan so i am nervously rambling. think: running into the airport & seeing julia roberts dressed in costume like erin brockovich – remember, i’m a lawyer! – wouldn’t you be nervous?)

back to what i was saying. about this website. it’s called nonpretentious. it’s not really a defined website now. i’m sure by the time it reaches adolescence it will be much snappier, moody, & better looking. (you know, right after the awkward phase.)

the site was pitched as a modern day Canterbury tales. i don’t know about you. i find the canterbury tales fascinating. it’s social commentary, media commentary, & bad poetry all wrapped into one. how could i not want to get involved with a modern day one of those?

the idea is to create a character. find your creative passion. find your voice. i picked revising proust. who knows if that’s a good one.

i want to reach out to all modern day writers who inspire me. i’ll probably write other stuff on the in-between days (you know, the days when i’ll sit, staring longingly out my window, awaiting a reply from those modern day writers). but, on the good days, the “on” days…i want to reach out to folks like you. those who inspire(d) me (the so-called “inspirers”)

at first, i thought i was going to ask the inspirers if i could interview them (…sorta like you, joey!…) but then i realized that would take too much back & forth. while i (thankfully) have a computer, i don’t have fancy microphones. and interview should be natural like a dialogue. somewhat planned, but never contrived. a back & forth e-mail sounds like a potential disaster.

so, realizing that many of the e-mails that i will send out may go unanswered (inspirers are busy people!), i’ve tried to make it easier to, um, inspire you to send me a response.

one. question.

what made you decide that the web was the best media to broadcast your art/self/ideas to the world?

much thanks,

your fan

emily & joey can be found at asofterworld

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