Kir-o has been with nonpretentious since its inception and recently stepped up as the site's Editor-in-Chief. He knows his stuff about writing in the internet age, recommends good music, & looks damn good in Brooks Brothers. Ping pong talents run in his family.

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Re-introduction via DFW…Morbid, I know…

September 14, 2008
Re-introduction via DFW…Morbid, I know…

Sorry to see you go, dude. Thought we could play tennis sometime. I realized this weekend that I really haven’t developed an area of expertise (pretend or valid) for this site. And I think I want to. Ironically (in the contemporary usage) I think there would much less pressure on me to create good...
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Jason Bourne 4 President

September 11, 2008

Saving us one Palin at a time.
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