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Tuition Fees and Controversy

April 15, 2009

It would seem that, once again, universities are demanding that the cap upon tuition fees be removed in order to assert their ‘top quality education’. Universities, at the moment, are set to a strict cap upon fees which sits at between £3,000 and £3,225. Reports from the BBC have suggested that universities wish to...
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From Labour to Nazism

April 12, 2009

Gordon Brown first proposed the idea of a National Youth Service to channel teenagers into voluntary work last year. It is due to be formally launched in September, and would become compulsory if Labour was re-elected. Having first read this article on BBC News, I was impressed with the suggestion that Gordon Brown was...
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The Soul: Revealed

April 6, 2009

There is much to be said for the idea of a soul, a proposition which has often been discussed amongst scholars and philosophers. Throughout time, there have been numerous references to the soul. Different perspectives have been put forward. One of the perspectives which I thought was quite interesting was the idea that the...
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An Introduction to Literary Madness

March 25, 2009

An introduction into the madness that is Ian Caithness' life.
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