Rules of the Game (Girl Version): Day 4

January 28, 2011

Mission 1: Hit the Showers
Today, I started my new grooming regime which includes showering, gargling, flossing, tweezing, looking into the mirror, and repeating the phrase, “You are amazing. You stand out from everyone around you. Talking to you is a privilege. And you deserve the best the world has to offer. It’s all there out there, waiting for you.” I also need to find good wake-up music.

Note to self: Tomorrow, I need to buy mouthwash for the gargling.

Mission 2: Ask an Expert
This mission involved asking (wo)men to recommend a cool local clothing store. This may be the first mission that may be more oriented for guys who want to meet girls than relevant to girls who want to meet guys. Not that it’s necessarily the case, but it seems like a guy who approaches women to ask for local clothing store recommendations makes more sense than a girl who approaches men to ask for local clothing store recommendations.

I had to approach three people (at least) and get one clothing recommendation.

  • One recommended South Moon Under.
  • The next was a little taken aback by my question. He started off giving me a good response – told me where clothing stores were in general and gave me directions to a general location but no specific store. Depending on what I’m supposed to do with these clothing store recommendations, maybe knowing the general vicinity is sufficient.
  • The final recommendation was to travel up 2nd and 3rd street right north of market. Supposedly there are some cute boutiques and a store that was described to me like “the milk bar in A Clockwork Orange.” The store, Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, also sells root beer, a pre-Temperance root tea. You know I’m there.

Mission 3: Stand Up Straight

As one of my good friends said to me, “posture has never been one of your life priorities.” I stood against a wall for a minute to make sure I was straight and then I walked around the room for another minute. You can watch these videos that I made and tell me what you think?

I guess I need more practice. Thankfully, I also got to also learn the Alexander Technique to help me as well (part 1: explaining why people need this technique; part 2: demonstrating a quick 15 minute exercise.)

The Alexander Technique

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