Rules of the Game (Girl Version): Day 2

January 26, 2011

I’m the type of girl who likes to hibernate. I guess it’s hard to meet someone to whom you’re attracted, if you never leave the house. Who would’ve thought?

Mission 1: Set Your Goals

1. What three accomplishments would you like to achieve to make you happier?

1. Finish my book

2. Make $200k this year

3. Stop over-thinking things

2. What are the reasons these accomplishments will make you happier?

1. Because I’ve put my writing above other things up to this point – e.g., past relationships, my well-being/health, it’s time to have something to show for it.

2. Because I could invest in the @nonpretentious writers.

3. Because over-thinking things makes me sad.

3. What is your personal mission? (note: this is a fill in the blank so anything underlined is what I wrote)

I will become a successful legal technology expert (my role, maximum 4 words) who will make law firm marketing awesome (my claim to fame, maximum four words) within 2 months (number days/weeks/years).

[Not to over-think things... but note: Not only was it hard for me to limit myself to 4 words, I also didn't know if I should make writing/publishing my book my goal. I have too many interests. I need to focus better. Moving on....]

4. List three specific results that will let you know that you’ve accomplished your mission.

1. I will have helped 10 clients. (action verb, number, aspect)

2. I will have written 3 blog posts/week.

3. I will have made $5,000.

5. Why are you now fully committed to pursuing your personal mission?

Because if I don’t pursue it now, I will continue to suffer over the next years and

  • my credit (element/quality of life) will decrease/get worse/fail.
  • my credibility will decrease/get worse/fail.
  • my happiness will decrease/get worse/fail.

But if I do pursue it now, I will enjoy the next years and

  • my ability to travel (element/quality of life) will increase/improve/come true.
  • my debt-free dream will increase/improve/come true.
  • my ability to promote other nonpretentious writers will increase/improve/come true.

Mission 3: Look into their Eyes

With this mission, I had to make small talk with 5 strangers and write down their eye colors. I combined today’s mission with yesterday’s mission and talked to 5 people instead of 10. Technically, it’s probably cheating but, hey, I’m not perfect. I tend to stay in my house and hermit up and this. book. won’t. let. me. do. that. Grrrr. So, 5 people is making progress.

  1. Blue
  2. Brown
  3. Brown
  4. Hazel
  5. Brown

Also, if you’ve never done this before (followed Neil Strauss or had to make note of someone’s eye color while speaking to them), lemme tell you: it’s weird! I feel like I’m looking at people too intently while I’m trying to figure out their eye contact. How often when you talk to someone do you think, “are her eyes hazel or brown or green? Is there even a color to describe her eyes?” Like, I stopped listening to what people said in response to my small talk because I was too concerned with deciphering eye colors through tinted glasses. (No joke.)

But! All in all, I did well. I even did the extra credit assignment. “Try to hail a cab, get a bartender’s attention, or call a waiter to your table without speaking or gesturing – instead, use nothing but eye contact.” Done and done.

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  1. Kiren on February 8, 2011 at 11:30 am

    I love you and this.

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