The Mustache Diaries: Day 4

October 8, 2010

Dear Diary,

Last night, while enjoying some delicious Oktoberfest beers, conversation, and music with a friend, I was offered some incredulity in regards to my charitous endeavor. My friend asked the bartender, a cute 20-something brunette, if she was against kid cancer. With a look of confusion she replied with a hesitant affirmative. My friend then tells her of my mustache growing and that she should donate to the cause. Her response was, “That’s all you have to do?” I didn’t understand the question at first. She then clarified, “That doesn’t seem to be very hard.” I was confused. What does it actually matter how difficult the task I am undertaking is? The money is the important part. I just want your money to give to kids with cancer. My friend posed the same line of questioning to the other bartender, a cute 20-something blond(e)(?). Her response weirdly was exactly the same: “That’s all you have to do? I’m riding a bike to Tallahassee for cancer.” I finally understood what they were trying to say. They thought that in order to raise money for cancer properly, you are required to do something difficult, something in which you suffer in some way that is supposed to be analogous to the suffering cancer patients might be undergoing. But you can see how stupid that is. Running a 10K, riding 150 miles, even running a marathon, could never compare to having cancer. It’s a very selfish notion to believe you must put yourself under strain or pain in order for your contribution to cancer research to be worth something.

That being said, it may not be difficult to grow a mustache, but it is certainly difficult to live with one.


Mr. Killstache, a.k.a. Kiren

You can donate to Kiren’s mustache and help cure kids with cancer by going to Mustaches vs. Cancer and searching for Mr. Killstache. It’s a scientific fact that Kiren’s mustache grows better with multiple and frequent donations.

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