How Did I Not Know About… The Frisky

September 13, 2010

As someone who works on the web, I try to keep up with all of the latest gossip and hottest websites – okay, fine, I may be exaggerating a bit…  a bit – but, really, how else do you explain the 1,000+ unread items I have listed in my Google Reader.

So, how did I miss The Frisky?  Thankfully, with Facebook, I can find out about these things when people post links to stories highlighting how gaps in your teeth are the hottest trend since Anna Paquin became a waitress serving True Blood at Merlotte’s.  Who really needed to read about it in the Wall Street Journal?  (In case you didn’t know, I had gaps in my teeth when I was younger and three (3!) rounds of braces so this subject is near and dear to my heart.)

Anyway, enough of my personal life, back to The Frisky…

I think the best part of the site is its recap of all the gossip rags.  (There’s another $10 saved per week!)

I’m a fan of fellow UPOD’er Steph Auteri’s articles – some linked in from Your Tango – and Wendy’s love advice.

Also, how did I live my life without the heads up about the Ronald McDonald pad (no, not the iPad type), Tavi’s clothing line (you don’t know about Tavi?  Head over to her site.  Now.  It’s freakin’ Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for gosh sakes!), or corporate foolishness.

While I’m still not an expert on what’s in store for me to learn from the Frisky, it looks like my Google Reader just got a little busier!

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