[Cut!] Work in a Call Center in India

July 20, 2010

Got a problem with your brand new Palm Pre? Call their customer service center and “Albert” will not help you with your problem. In fact, you will have more problems after the call, like an aneurysm or a hernia. And I’m pretty sure up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select, start doesn’t do shit. It’s not Contra, it’s a Palm Pre. Assholes.

10:16 PM Checking configuration…

10:16 PM Connecting…

10:16 PM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.

10:16 PM Support session established with Albert.

10:17 PM AC : my update fails to install

10:17 PM Albert: Hello AC.

10:17 PM Albert: Thank you for contacting Palm. My name is Albert. How can I help you today?

10:17 PM Albert: I understand that you are facing issues with the updates on the phone.

Am I correct?

10:17 PM AC : the error message I get is that the update failed to properly validate

10:17 PM Albert: I will try my best to assist you in this regard.

10:17 PM AC : after downloading and after unpacking

10:18 PM Albert: Press and hold Power button and slide the Ringer switch three times to restart the phone. The phone may take a few minutes to restart.

10:18 PM AC : what do you mean slide the ringer switch

10:19 PM Albert: The switch above the phone to silent the phone.

10:19 PM AC : when I press the power button it asks me if i want airplane mode, power or cancel

10:20 PM Albert: Power.

10:20 PM Albert: Restrat.

10:20 PM AC : ok, restarting

10:21 PM AC : I see the palm logo

10:21 PM Albert: Wait until it is back on.

10:22 PM AC : ok

10:23 PM AC : it’s on

10:23 PM Albert: Now go ahead and download the updates.

10:27 PM Albert: Is it downloading now?

10:28 PM AC : it’s downloading but it did that before.  I am waiting to see if it gets past the unpacking

10:28 PM Albert: Yes,

10:30 PM AC : still unpacking

10:30 PM Albert: Okay.

10:31 PM AC : I also have one more issue

10:33 PM AC : nope, same issue

10:33 PM AC : failed to validate

10:33 PM Albert: Okay.

10:33 PM Albert: In order to resolve this you need to go ahead with the web OS Doctor.

10:33 PM Albert: Please follow the link below:

10:34 PM Albert has sent a link: http://www.palm.com/us/support/downloads/pre/recoverytool/deviceselector_en.html

10:35 PM AC : it asks me if I see an exclamation mark

10:35 PM AC : which i don’t

10:36 PM Albert: Yes you need to go ahead with it.

10:38 PM AC : will this affect any data?

10:39 PM Albert: No.

10:41 PM Albert: Are you able to download it now?

10:41 PM AC : doctor is still downloading

10:42 PM Albert: Once it is completed you need to follow the onscreen instructions to get this completed.

10:43 PM AC : my facebook apps also do not work

10:43 PM AC : upon launching, they come up blank

10:43 PM AC : will this solve that?

10:43 PM Albert: Once we are done with the web OS Doctor will be able to fix this,

10:43 PM AC : ok

10:43 PM AC : sorry, my computer is quite slow

10:44 PM Albert: No problem at all.

10:48 PM Albert: Is it complered?

10:48 PM AC : it says it’s verifying the application

10:49 PM AC : is this normal?

10:50 PM Albert: Yes,

10:53 PM Albert: Is it completed?

10:55 PM AC : nope, checking system

10:56 PM AC : this is saying my system information has encountered an error and needs to close

10:57 PM Albert: Try to close and open it back.

10:57 PM AC : is it abnormal to heck the system this long?

10:57 PM Albert: No.

10:58 PM AC : now it is installing?

10:59 PM Albert: I might be able to help you more if I can remotely access your computer. However, I need your permission to do this. Do I have your permission to remotely access your computer?

10:59 PM AC : one sec

10:59 PM AC : does installation of novacomd sound right?

10:59 PM Albert: Okay.

10:59 PM Albert: Yes.

11:00 PM AC : ok then I think i’m back on track

11:01 PM Albert: Okay.

11:02 PM Albert: Is it installing now?

11:03 PM AC : Yes, it asked me to plug in my phone

11:03 PM Albert: Once you connect the phone select the USB drive mode on the phone.

11:03 PM AC : but nothing is happening

11:04 PM Albert: Put the device in developer mode (From the Application launcher screen, Just type upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart ,you will get a icon on the device which says developer mode.Just tap on that.It will then give you a radio button.Set it to On.The device would restart and once it is done, the device would get into developer mode)

11:05 PM AC : I can’t do any of that

11:05 PM AC : I just see a picture of my phone and the USB sign

11:05 PM Albert: You need to follow the steps on the phone.

11:05 PM AC : there are none

11:06 PM AC : I can’t do anything to my phone

11:07 PM AC : it just has this picture

11:07 PM AC : the palm software says do not disconnect your phone during this time

11:07 PM Albert: Unplug and replug the phone to the pc.

11:08 PM AC : select USB drive?

11:08 PM Albert: Yes.

11:08 PM AC : back to the picture

11:08 PM AC : can’t do anything to the phone

11:08 PM AC : my computer is looking for the G drive

11:08 PM Albert: Connect the USB cable to the AC charger, and plug the AC charger into a working outlet.

11:09 PM AC : it is

11:09 PM AC : wait, what?

11:09 PM Albert: Do I have your permission to remotely access your computer?

11:09 PM AC : sure but this isn’t going to help

11:10 PM You have granted full permission to Albert. To revoke, click the red X on the toolbar or press Pause/Break on the keyboard.

11:10 PM Desktop Viewing started by Albert.

11:10 PM Albert: Thank you!

11:10 PM Albert: Please follow the red marks.

11:11 PM AC : what red marks

11:11 PM Albert: Connect the USB cable to the AC charger, and plug the AC charger into a working outlet.

11:11 PM AC : yeah, I have no idea what you are saying

11:12 PM AC : I only know of one charger port on this phone, and I can only plug it into either a USB port or an outlet

11:13 PM AC : this is sort of ridiculous by the way.  it has been an hour

11:13 PM Albert: Try to connect the charger to the wall outlet.

11:14 PM AC : in order to connect to the outlet, I have to unplug the USB

11:14 PM AC : one or the other

11:14 PM Albert: Yes,

11:14 PM Albert: Unplug it from the pc.

11:14 PM AC : ok

11:14 PM AC : done

11:15 PM Albert: Turn off the phone.

11:15 PM AC : shut down?

11:15 PM Albert: yes,

11:15 PM Albert: Remove, and then reinsert, the phone’s battery.

11:17 PM AC : can I ask you a separate question?

11:17 PM Albert: Sure.

11:17 PM AC : below the battery there is a black film

11:17 PM AC : that is in sort of a U shape

11:18 PM Albert: Remove and replace the battery,

11:18 PM AC : yes I am but do you know what I am talking about with this black film? It’s like paper

11:19 PM Albert: Yes it will help you remove the battery.

11:19 PM AC : no, not the tab on top, the U below the battery

11:20 PM AC : below the battery

11:20 PM AC : mine looks like it might be starting to peel off.  is that bad? why would that happen?

11:20 PM AC : there is silver underneath

11:20 PM Albert: Okay.

11:20 PM AC : is that ok?

11:20 PM Albert: Let us go ahead with the web OS Doctor first.

11:21 PM AC : ok, battery back in

11:21 PM Albert: Press and hold the volume up button and connect the USB cable to the phone.

11:21 PM Albert: Release the volume up button when the screen showing the large USB icon appears

11:23 PM Albert: Do you have the USB icon on the phone now?

11:23 PM AC : ye

11:24 PM AC : yes

11:24 PM Albert: Now connect the phone to the pc.

11:24 PM AC : I screwed this up

11:24 PM AC : it is already connected to the pc

11:24 PM AC : I never disconnected the cable from the pc

11:25 PM Albert: Okay.

11:25 PM Albert: Follow the steps once again.

11:25 PM AC : so the first step is really to disconnect the cable from both the phone and the PC

11:25 PM AC : correct?

11:25 PM Albert: No.

11:25 PM Albert: Only from PC.

11:25 PM AC : then what

11:25 PM AC : take the battery out

11:26 PM AC : ?

11:26 PM Albert: Connect the USB cable to the AC charger, and plug the AC charger into a working outlet.

11:26 PM AC : Albert, I cannot do that

11:27 PM Albert: Connect the USB cable to the AC charger.

11:27 PM AC : I can connect EITHER to the PC OR the outlet

11:27 PM AC : do you mean “connect the usb cable to the phone?”

11:28 PM Albert: Yes and one end to the ac charger.

11:28 PM AC : what do you mean

11:28 PM AC : one end goes in the phone, one end goes in the computer

11:28 PM AC : after that, I cannot connect anything to an outlet

11:28 PM Albert: Now unplug it from the pc to the ac charger,

11:29 PM AC : this isn’t making any sense

11:29 PM Albert: Okay.

11:29 PM AC : you must be talking about a different type of cable I don’t have

11:29 PM AC : I have a USB cable that plugs into my phone. period.

11:29 PM Albert: No the same USB cable.

11:29 PM Albert: How do you charge the phone?

11:30 PM AC : I can charge it either through USB or through AC

11:30 PM AC : I cannot do both

11:30 PM AC : at the same time

11:30 PM AC : I do not have a split cable

11:30 PM AC : which it sounds like you are describing

11:30 PM AC : I also fail to understand why I would need one!!

11:31 PM Albert: Connect the USB cable to the AC charger, and plug the AC charger into a working outlet.

11:31 PM AC : I’m beginning to lose it.  What are you referring to as an “AC charger”??

11:32 PM AC : an AC charger is a separate thing

11:32 PM Albert: The wall charger,.



11:32 PM Albert: Okay.

11:33 PM AC : The USB cable has two ends.  one for the USB port, one for the phone

11:33 PM AC : the AC charger has two ends, one for the outlet, one for the phone

11:33 PM Albert: Yes connect the one port to the phone and another to the wall charger,

11:33 PM AC : what next

11:34 PM Albert: Is the phone off now?

11:34 PM AC : no

11:34 PM AC : I never took the battery out again

11:34 PM AC : I have no idea what you are asking me to do

11:34 PM Albert: Now replace it back.

11:34 PM AC : replace what back

11:35 PM Albert: The battery,.

11:35 PM AC : please type me the steps you want me to take.  In order.

11:35 PM AC : all of them.

11:35 PM Albert: I will provide you with the link which will help you in troubleshoot.

11:36 PM Albert: Please follow the link below:

11:36 PM Albert has sent a link: http://kb.palm.com/wps/portal/kb/common/article/44768_en.html

11:36 PM AC  has revoked all permissions.

11:37 PM Albert: Are you able to follow the steps?

11:37 PM Desktop Viewing by Albert stopped.

11:37 PM AC : I will certainly try

11:37 PM Albert: Here’s the reference number for our chat: Chat session ID number 61856824.Keep this number as a record of this chat, and if you need to call our Phone Support team on 877-426-3777 or contact us again for this same issue, please refer to this number.

11:37 PM Albert: Can I help you with another issue?

11:38 PM AC : to be honest, I have not been helped with this one

11:38 PM Albert: I’m sorry for any trouble this may have caused.

11:38 PM Albert: I am sure that this will take care of the issue.

11:38 PM AC : if I call phone support, will they charge me considering this 90 minute discussion?

11:39 PM Albert: You can contact our Phone Voice Support team at: 877-426-3777. Support is available Mon-Fri from 6:00 AM PST to 8:00 PM PST and Sat-Sun from 8:00 AM PST to 5:00 PM PST.

11:39 PM Albert: Yes you can check with them once.

11:39 PM AC : what does that mean “check with them once”

11:39 PM AC : this is not once

11:39 PM AC : this is remediation

11:39 PM AC : where are you located?

11:40 PM Albert: We are located in one of the palm centers in India.

11:40 PM AC : figures

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  1. Melissa Sachs on July 20, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    I’m frustrated just reading this.

    Although, I’m also laughing because it wasn’t me.

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