2 Sentence Review: Diary of a Teenage Girl (An Account in Words and Pictures)

July 23, 2010

Having recently discovered this multi-media gem from 2004 at one of my favorite thrift stores for a mere $2, I’m pleased to find Phoebe Gloeckner’s graphic novel/journal-entry style documenting the pubescent sex-capades of her fifteen-year-old character Minnie Goetze and her subsequent loves, losses and intense loneliness so all-consuming that I read Diary of a Teenage Girl cover-to-cover in one day. Gloeckner’s edgy, inherently feminist, auto-biographical Diary captures the confusion and uncertainty of typical teenage life in sharp juxtaposition with the drug and sex-laden cultural fabric of the 1970’s with a relentless pen, leaving a raw personal narrative further enhanced with graphic detail from a struggling child’s perspective of what could only be described as extreme, emotionally intense adult situations.

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