World Cup Fan Quotes 06/11/2010

June 12, 2010

A Frequently updated column of awesomely ridiculous quotes from World Cup fans. Send your own to

South Africa                                          Mexico

“If you didn’t have wars you’d just have futbol.”

“I’m telling you, when the World Cup ends next month it’s gonna feel like losing a loved one. You’re gonna be like ‘ F—ing hell, now what do I with my life. It’s f—ing over.’”

“My life’s ambition is to witness Britain winning the World Cup. That’s all I want, really. If I get to witness that, I’d die a happy bastard. There could be no better feeling. Honestly, none. Well maybe I’d give you the birth of your child. But I don’t know.”

“These guys are like heroes. I know they haven’t saved any lives or whatever, but f—ing hell, they’re f—ing heroes.”


Uruguay                                                France

“This is boring. They should call it World Suck.”

[After the match ends in a 0-0 tie] “What a waste. I knew I should’ve gotten drunk.”

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