2 Sentence Review: Knight and Day

June 22, 2010

During most of the free screening I attended I was trying really hard to hate the movie because I hate Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz (and by ‘hate’ I mean completely and utterly despise and wouldn’t miss them if they fell off the edge of the universe); they’re both very annoying and slightly evil people, but the movie kept delivering fun little ridiculous moments that made me laugh, yet at most it earns a B-, though it could have earned much higher a mark if the movie didn’t employ the same tactic over and over: Cameron Diaz screaming, being helpless and relying on Tom Cruise to save her again and again until the very end when Diaz suddenly becomes a super spy and rescues Cruise. At first I thought this movie would have been much better starring Clive Owen and Julia Roberts but then realized they already made that movie and it also sucked, so perhaps the spy/love/comedy thing just doesn’t work because it is in no way believable, even in a fantasy movie world.

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One Response to “ 2 Sentence Review: Knight and Day ”

  1. Girl.Interrupted on August 25, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    Things take a while to reach the third world countries. The premier of Knight and Day should have taken even longer. What an asinine movie with totally fake, non-believable “stunts”. No motorcycle on earth (with two annoying occupants, albeit) could possibly do any of that shit! I remember Tom Cruise in one of the Mission Impossible’s yelling, “Red light, green light!” in a high-pitched, David Beckham’y voice. I see not much has changed for old’ Thomas!

    As for Cameron, all that’s changed for her over the years, is her nose. Her acting is painful. The only movie, I’ve ever remotely enjoyed was Very Bad Things.

    She’s been quoted as saying: ” I’m a lot of woman — in a lot of ways. And I understand that can be intimidating.”
    Yes, thank you Ms. Diaz. It takes courage and humility to tell the world how amazing you are. Thanks for the update!

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