2 Sentence Review: Skip Bayless

May 17, 2010

Skip Bayless is best likened to a Teddy Ruckspin malfunctioning because somebody put a tape in the back that says “nonstop bullshit.”  You are bad at your job, Skip; you are clueless about sports, don’t deserve your exposure, look like a horse, have zero professionalism, and in general, were the most irritating ESPN personality until Colin Cowherd announced that he’d give Ricky Williams a chance in a foot race against Usain Bolt.

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One Response to “ 2 Sentence Review: Skip Bayless ”

  1. Matt Erickson on May 19, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    Wow, the first sentence was all that was needed! If Skip is Teddy, where can I buy my Lou Holtz/Newton Gimmick doll?

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