2 Sentence Review: Season 8 of “24″

April 23, 2010

Remember when Jack Bauer was a character, not just a guy who sprinted from set to set, explaining situations to people?  I used to wonder what the fall of “24” would like; how something so entirely, 100% bad-ass could become a waterfall of bullshit, plucking recycled plots and characters out of thin air and throwing them at the script without mercy… so I guess that it is better that the show is canceled and Fox doesn’t have plans to “Simpsons” it for another 20 seasons.

Buy or watch seasons 1-8 of 24 on Amazon or download them on iTunes 24.

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One Response to “ 2 Sentence Review: Season 8 of “24″ ”

  1. Im Advantage on February 21, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    Jack Bauer is super, I really think they should hurry up with the final film if they’re going to get on with it!

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