Music is Electronic

March 4, 2010

The latest trend in the musical stylings of the world has been decided.

It’s something that we’re all familiar with. We just don’t associate it with bands, groups or even artists.

It’s called synthpop.

Owl City has become an internet sensation overnight after the release of Fireflies on the record label, Universal. Owl City is a musical project by Adam Young, a young American artist who previously published his albums under self-release.

Now, he has a tour of fifty dates and the song ‘Fireflies’ is being remixed, redubbed and replayed across the globe. It is on the playlist of every mainstream listener and every good night out has this played at least once.

Is this new sensation just a man with a beat-board and a talent for discovering beats and rhythms in songs?

Search Owl City on YouTube and one of the top results will be a featured video which was one of his first live tours and he has talents. His voice isn’t the same as the album but he is unique and that’s unusual in the musical world.

Praise where praise is due.

This sensation could mark a new passage in music.

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