[Philly] It’s an ELECTION

November 3, 2009

Believe it or not, we have one Today! Very exciting. I have taken over the civic duty of issuing Election Guides.

Turnout is likely to be 15 percent this year, which is pathetic. But there are some very important, and very boring, races. To wit:

Controller: Al Schmidt (R)
The most important race, and the only Republican you’re voting for Tuesday. In a city controlled so dominantly by one party, the Dems, it’s vital to have a young, energetic, intelligent, non-party-controlled watchdog to look at the money and the city’s internal operations. He’s being endorsed by everyone. The Democratic incumbent is considered terrible. The Republican Schmidt wears bowties and also has a nice web site.

District Attorney: Seth Williams
This contest will not be close, and Seth Williams looks to have potential in ending our Killadelphia rep.


Here are the Inquirer’s judicial endorsements, which are different than mine.

State Supreme Court: Jack Panella (D)
The court is now tied 3-3 between Dems and Republicans, and that’s important because the supreme court judges have sway over Census redistricting (solidifying party control for the boundaries of congressional districts). And the Republican candidate loves guns.

Superior Court
It’s bullshit that we are supposed to vote for judges in the first place, because it means judges have to go out and basically bias themselves by getting all political. There are 4 candidates running in each party, all of whom have to pay the party to get on the ballot, and since they’re all basically the same — and if they weren’t, it’d be impossible to know — you should protest this vote. More protest votes mean one day they will get rid of this system, hopefully.

Commonwealth Court: NO VOTE

Court of Common Pleas: Dan Anders (ONLY)
Again, there’s no contest here, and the votes are just 10-year “retentions” on incumbents. Again, bullshit. But vote for Dan Anders, first openly gay judicial candidate and an all-around good dude.

Municipal Court/Traffic Court: NO VOTE

*Publisher’s note: reprinted with permission of totally cool author

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