Fall 2009: TV Guide

September 22, 2009

Like many of you, I went through one of those phases when I swore off TV.  For me, it happened in college and it sounded something like this, “Damn the fascist cable companies! Damn the advertisers! Damn consumerism!  Let’s read Adbusters or Utne!”

Now, I’m that I’m older and wiser, I can admit that I like television.  It’s relaxing and entertaining, even sometimes necessary.  (Put down your Foucault Readers and analyze that!).

True, I may be speaking as an addict.  (See: Andy Warhol shirt pictured to right.)  But, at least, I’m an addict who can associate Target with frugalistas, Diet Coke with simplicity, and Macs with people not as memorable as John Hodgman.   warhold

This fall season I felt like I needed to hire a professional organizer to help me keep track of all of my “stories.”  Since I can’t afford a professional organizer, I decided to take one for the team and organize it for all of us.  I’ve included a calendar of what I’m watching this fall – until the shows suck – but I’d love to hear if I’ve forgotten anything and/or there’s must-see TV that I’m missing.

Some notes:

  • I didn’t include any specials or one time deals.
  • I did include the season premiere of Venture Brothers season 4 that’s happening on or around October 18th.
  • And, while I’d love to watch Monk because I’ve recently jumped on the Scharpling bandwagon, I feel like I have to catch up with all of the previous seasons before I add it to my viewing list. All seven (?!) of them.
  • I also didn’t include any episodes of The Guild (season 3) because, well, they don’t really count for Fall TV.

After looking over the schedule, I think the show I’m most excited about is….  Dollhouse! (Um, I guess I’m a Joss Whedon groupie too.)

Despite all the buzz on Twitter, I completely overlooked Dollhouse until last week.  But, let me tell you, Dollhouse is a sleeper!  I haven’t had tv crack that good since the early seasons of 24 or Lost.  If you’re not already watching it, start now!  You’ll ravage through the first 13 episodes in a flash.  (I bought the first few episodes on Amazon video-on-demand and streamed the rest on Fox.)  Let me think… it’s Tuesday now?  With a few late nights, you’ll be ready for the premiere this Friday.  Go!  Go!

(The other “D” show – Dexter – is a close second.  This weekend should be good times.)

Finally, a note to programmers: For those of us twenty-somethings who are not into NCIS, Hell’s Kitchen, Dancing with the Stars, or stupid remakes of our adolescent faves – DO SOMETHING ABOUT TUESDAY NIGHT! Something as smart as Mad Men, as funny as 30 Rock, as addicting as Dollhouse, with a little Tim Gunn for kicks. Now, is that too much to ask?

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4 Responses to “ Fall 2009: TV Guide ”

  1. Mike on October 2, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    Thanks! Very helpful.

    I also struggled with feelings that TV was evil. Then I moved to New York and a friend of mine gave me a gigantic TV one day after a run (which I struggled home on the subway last summer, making jokes to people about not wanting to miss a second of the Olympics).

    I haven’t looked back since. I try to not let TV take over my life. But in moderation, it’s pretty nice.

    So thanks for your recommendations. I do watch a lot of these (The Office, The Soup, Daily Show). And I recently started to watch Community (hilarious). I’m so pathetically behind in Gossip Girl that I really just need to rent the DVDs and make a weekend of it.

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