Bellwether Prize – Literature for Social Change

September 6, 2009

As I was researching different writing opportunities¹, I came across the Bellwether Prize.  I thought that some of our contributors/readers may be interested in applying.  The application process has already started for 2009-2010.  Maybe it’s time to start revising your old work?

Will also start posting some writing job opportunities that I find under a new column [Work].

From the website:

The Bellwether Prize consists of a $25,000 cash payment and publication of the winning novel manuscript. Submissions are being accepted between September 1 and October 2, 2009.

Bellwether Prize Information

The Bellwether Prize for Fiction, awarded in even-numbered years, consists of a $25,000 cash payment to the author of the winning manuscript, and guaranteed publication by a major publisher. The author will collect royalties in accordance with a publisher’s contract. The Bellwether Prize is unique; no other major North American endowment or prize for the arts specifically seeks to support a literature of social responsibility. Its intent is to advocate serious literary fiction that addresses issues of social justice and the impact of culture and politics on human relationships. The prize is awarded to a previously unpublished novel representing excellence in this genre.

Other not-as-cool contests/awards: Good Housekeeping is offering a $3,000 prize for the winner of its short story contest, which Jodi Piccoult is judging.  Deadline September 15th!

¹If you’re serious about writing competitions/awards, you better bookmark this database provided by Poets & Writer’s.  I was impressed even before I saw the “Add to Google Calendar” option, which blew me away.  I debated whether this should be a footnote or in the main text – the site itself is worth much more than a footnote! – but I figured that I’d reward anyone who actually reads footnotes.

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