Don't Yuck My Yum!

August 8, 2009

Most people who know me think that I “watch TV that lowers [my] IQ.”  (Yes, that was a quotation.) While this statement is both upsetting and insulting, I would have to agree.

Each night, after a long day of work (read: unpaid internship) and a strenuous work out at the local gym, I shower, eat dinner, and curl up on the couch. I click on the TV and scroll through the channels, hoping that I’ll find a program that will keep me occupied until bed time – CSI (nah, too much thinking), Top Chef Masters (no, that will make me hungry), Intervention (I’m not in the mood to cry), Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood (ahhh, perfect). I begin to watch.

“On this episode of Tori and Dean, Tori, a new mother of two – Liam and Stella – throws a huge 1st birthday party for her daughter Stella….”

While I can’t wait to see the drama that unfolds, my mother and sister who sit with me on the couch roll their eyes and stick their noses up in the air in a I’m-so-much-more-mature-than-you-I-only-watch-the-news-and-programs-that-make-you-think kind of way. I disregard their reactions and continue to watch Tori plan the party.  She’s really good at party planning – something you know, if you’re someone like me.

It takes about 7 minutes before my mother asks, “who is that?” which means she’s been watching.  I answer the question, smirk to myself, and continue to watch this episode and another.  (You know the one when Dean comes home with a brand-new tattoo before the Guncles – gay uncles – get married.  How cute?!)

Then, about 30 minutes into the second episode, I look up and see my sister: eyes glued to the television.  I mean, seriously, how can she resist Tori’s adorable personality?

It took me almost 15 hours of sleeping/dreaming/thinking to realize that mom and sister owed me a huge apology. They yucked my yum (I was a camp counselor for three summers), and THEN they couldn’t keep their eyes off of Tori and Dean. It’s people like them who make the Nielsen ratings inaccurate….

Anyway, my point is this: don’t yuck other people’s yums. You never know if you’re going to love a show that just might lower your IQ. You never know if the yum you just yucked is going to become your new yum. And, may I add, be [non]pretentious when evaluating other’s viewing habits.

So, don’t be shy – list your guilty pleasure viewing programs. I’ll start. Don’t be embarrassed!

1) Real World

2) Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood

3) Bad Girls Club

4) NYC Prep

5) Real Housewives (OC, NYC, and NJ)

6) Gossip Girl

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