Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover

August 10, 2009

Many people know that popular, yet cliche saying, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” In most cases, I live my life by this saying. If I see a boy who might not be my cup of tea, I still give him a chance. Maybe he’ll win me over with his charisma and charm? Maybe he’ll be a billionaire? Maybe he’s a famous soap opera actor? (You never know….).

Though, I can’t say that I’ve always lived my life this way. When I was younger, I used to judge everything. Books with ugly covers never got read, fruits with ugly skins got thrown away, and scary, barking dogs were avoided at all costs. Then, my brother got a pitbull and she moved into my house. I guess this was the point when I started following that cliché motto.

Her name is Bella. For those of you who live under a rock (or just don’t have common Italian knowledge), Bella means beautiful. Now, I don’t think Bella is beautiful. I think she is the most adorable living specimen on Earth. Like, the type of adorable that draws you in and you just can’t pull your eyes away.


However, it takes about 5 minutes to realize that despite her cute puppy-dog eyes, Bella has inherited the aggressive/mean/scary/killer/biting gene from her long-lost ancestors. This means, when Bella and I play with one of her toys – I hold onto it and she tries to pull it from my hand – I fall onto the ground and get scratched. When I try to get up, Bella jumps on top of me, only to continue to rip the chew toy out of my hand. Finally, when I get to my feet, I scream “down, Bella!” and she listens. She looks at me with those puppy-dog eyes and I forget about my bleeding leg, my hurt toe, or the fact that she won the battle over the chew toy.

Now, I know these stories don’t really persuade you to change your opinion about the vicious Pitbull. I know it takes more than puppy-dog eyes to persuade most people (I’m so weak!). So, I say one thing – play with a pitbull. Give them a chance. You may find that you love them so much that you’ll want to buy one. And, if you already have a dog and you’re scared that the Pitbull might, let’s say, eat it, know this: a small, white, bichon frise survived in house-o’-pitbull for 11 months. Now you have no excuses!

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