Two Mix Tapes!

July 15, 2009

We had a mix-tape from a few weeks ago that we needed to publish. Rather than keep you waiting even longer, we wanted to publish it this week. At first, we thought we’d publish it on Tuesday (yesterday). We already missed two weeks ago, then last week, and we wanted to at least get back on the ball.

Plus, each mix tape is made by people we totally admire and we want to give them a special sort of recognition. We don’t want to clutter the brains of our readers with extraneous posts, etc. This is why, in general, we’ll ONLY publish one post on Wednesday.

(…as if we publish twenty posts per day or something…)


After some more thought, we thought we’d better stick to the announced schedule of publishing mix-tapes on Wednesdays. At least we’re sticking to something, you know?

So, today we have two mix tapes brought to you by two amazing people who shake up their respective audiences from separate sides of the continental US. The first mix tape is brought to you from the State of Washington. The second is brought to you from our home-base, the City of Brotherly Love.

Who says less is more? In our opinion, more is more. Enjoy both!

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