More Than a Pen, Tools for Creative Professionals

July 6, 2009

In today’s world, being a professional writer (usually) takes more than simply applying pen (or pencil) to paper. There are notebooks, netbooks, pens, digital pens, Microsoft Office, Google Documents, and Mac (Keynote/Pages). And, those are only the start of the tools you may need to prove yourself in this profession.

At its heart, is a pop culture blog. Once you dig a little deeper, however, nonpretentious is a community for aspiring and inspiring writers to gather together to share tips and tools about the profession of writing. decided to create a column, which we’re calling, More than a Pen, in which nonpretentious editors – freelance writers, writers by hobby, and writers by profession – will recommend and review tools that other writers may want to consider using in their writing businesses. Most of the tools that nonpretentious will recommend will have a few common goals: to help serious writers come across as professional and organized, in this competitive environment.

nonpretentious will publish More than a Pen guides as often as possible. Because these guides are a little different in presentation and content, they will not be published as posts. Instead, these guides will be available if you click on the tab “Tools – for creative professionals” in the top navigation. There, the guides will also be organized by type of tool. (Of course, we’ll post to let you know when we publish a guide and we’ll include a short preview of the content.)

We hope as nonpretentious grows we’ll be able to add guides for other genres of creative professionals.

As always, the editors and contributors to nonpretentious, would love to hear your own recommendations and feedback. Feel free to leave notes in the commends and/or send us an e-mail.

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