[mix tape] Nutrition Served by Pulp & Circumstance, Juiced

June 3, 2009

I wanted to tell the story.

The story about why we asked Pulp & Circumstance, Juiced to submit a mix tape to our site.  (“We” being one particular contributor).

Her writing is able to captivate an audience of strangers.

(“Strangers” being one particular contributor).

We came across Pulp and Circumstance, Juiced! after google searching for blogs about Jarvis Cocker and Pulp. (That’s also how we found stereocache as well.)




I’ve always loved Pulp. The band, the unprocessed paper, the serial novels, and most importantly, the fruity bits in your cup o’ juice in the morning (yes, I’m that freak that likes extra extra bits of that fruity delight courses through the teeth is the ice cold beverage washes down throat). That being said, at Pulp and Circumstance, Juiced!, we are all about “juicing that musical pulp for you”…”one strain at a time.”  Whether it be the latest tunes from former Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker or the newest details on that brand new record The Apples in Stereo are currently recording up this year. So be sure to come digest some of our musical fruit…we can’t give you it “Pulp” free, but we can provide toothpicks to remove the bits out your teeth later…

The Mixtape Tracks w/ Descriptions (in order):

Pulp – Sheffield: Sex City
One of my all-time favorite bands and frontmen, the lovely, the stunning Jarvis Cocker, never fails to deliver the pulply juice—Cocker (heehee) knows how to make fruit erotic, witty, and welp, absolutely addicting. As it should be.

Orange Juice – Rip It Up
Scottish post-punk of any kind needs zero juicing. Especially when that juice is a lovely blend of kitsch, camp, and irony.

The Boomtown Rats – Banana Republic
A hit tune from one of my favorite Irish acts, reggae inspired tunes always make me think of warm weather and warm weather usually means tasty, fresh fruits. Never mind this track is actually a political banger…

Peaches – Set It Off
There’s nothing like a juicy Peach…this song exudes just that, no?

Mtune – Juicy Fruit
Inspiring one of the greatest rap tunes of the 20th century, there’s nothing better than a juicy fruit…

Fats Domino – Blueberry Hill
I will never forget the day I first heard Fats Domino through the crackle and hiss of a record player. Not the first I heard, but arguably one of the best, Fats’ rendition of classic “Blueberry Hill” will make you shake your finger and say, “free radicals, you….shoo.” Those of you who pop blueberries on the reg, you’ll know.

Nina Simone – Forbidden Fruit
As Nina Simone belted out “go on and eat, it’s might sweet…go on an taste it, you don’t want to waste it” through the speakers of my Pa’s stereo when he first introduced me to Nina Simone as a wee young lass, I really did think she was singing about deliciously edible peaches and pears. Boy, was I foolishly wrong…then again, such thoughts were “forbidden” at that age.

Camper Van Beethoven – All Her Favorite Fruit
The perfect choice for the fruit lover thanks to the double whammy; all about fruit, and landing on the 1989 Camper record Key Lime Pie.

The Lemonheads – If I Could Talk, I’d Tell You
The Lemonheads don’t just remind me of kicking off my doc martens and flipping on the stereo switch as a tortured teen avoiding the banalities of junior high…it reminds me of that simpler time before teen-hood—those times when you’d scatter to the local Mom and Pop for penny candy…and the best penny candy is the sweetly sour lemonhead…no?

The Moldy Peaches – Lucky Charms
Before Juno and her love of chugging Sunny D juice drink by the gallon, I was sucking down orange-type juices in the afternoon by the carton-full…the Moldy Peaches background vocals to my delicious juice burps. (Side of note: my co-worker was noshing on a moldy peach at her desk, literally, 10 seconds ago…)

Sammy Davis Jr. – The Candyman
It’s nature’s fruit, right? Candy, that is.

Josh White – Apples, Peaches, Cherries
Even one of race recordings greatest civil rights activists, who fought off the Red Scare and the threat of McCarthyism fear mongering, had time for fruit…even if he did prefer “one meat ball”.

Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit
One of the single greatest tunes of all time, it’s not about fruit, it’s about the lyching of two black men. Originally a poem by a Bronx teacher, Billie helped set it to music and the rest it history. A monumental moment in blues history, for sure, but more importantly, a monumental moment in all of music.

Blind Lemon Jefferson – See That My Grave is Kept Clean
Citrus-t me when I tell you that this is one of the greatest bluesmen of all times.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Babe, You Turn Me On
Every once an awhile, a fruit goes rotten…the seeds? A bad, black mess. This is neither rotten nor a mess…just bad, as in badass.

The Apples in Stereo – Joanie Don’t You Worry
One of my favorite odd-ball Elephant 6 Collective associated bands, The Apples in Stereo originally started as just “The Apples”, inspired by some more fruity delights, “Apples and Oranges” written by psychedelic space rock god, Syd Barrett.

Peter Sellers Presents Alfred the Grate and his Kings of Collapso – Boiled Bananas and Carrots
Peter Sellers at his best…

Talking Heads – Stay Hungry
All this talk of fruit…has made me…

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    Thankfully no Damien rice


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