[mix tape] Innovator & Connector Sean Bonner Knows a Lot: Music Included

May 20, 2009

The main motivation behind the [mix tape] column is that there are “celebrities” out there – not-so-ordinary people changing the world, influencing communities, or doing really cool things – who have not been asked to submit a “Celebrity Playlist” to iTunes (as if!). celebrity

But, how cool is it to hear new music recommended by people you admire?  Sharing music lets you get to know people in a whole new way.  You find out dirty little secrets.  Or, you find tracks that end up on repeat (upcoming post).

Sean Bonner, co-founder of Bode Media, Inc. and Metblogs, is listed as one of the top tech people to follow on Twitter.

Anyone who has an interest in social media and the web (nonpretentious contributors!), may want to learn more about him.  [Thankfully, sean provided a useful resource for any internet stalker.  And, no, geeky girls, sean's not available.]

Like his site says, he’s “changing the world, one pixel at a time.”  This includes running Metblogs, Cat Workout, and Urban Journal in addition to his speaking engagements and guest posts.

In short, Sean connects and inspires.

Needless to say, nonpretentious was giddy the first time he responded to us on Twitter and even more giddy when he agreed to make a mix tape for this column.  I mean, the guy started his own record label when he was still in high school.  Obviously, we wanted to know more about his taste in music.


Sean’s description of the mix?  “They are all super good songs and you can’t go wrong with them as far as I’m concerned….”

He’d probably be more verbose about his choices but – talk about perseverance! – “That’s probably about the 20th incarnation I made, but every time I’d try to publish the iMix a collection of 15 or so songs would get chopped to 3 or 4 so I had to start over from scratch.”  (That’s what you get for having good taste in music!)

Read more about his pursuits after the jump.Metblogs takes you to random cities.  When I clicked, I went to Kuala Lumpur.  Which is a much cheaper way of traveling the globe.  With Metblogging, you can also find out what’s happening locally in a sorta Yelp + Blogger + Twitter + mainstream news platform.

Cat Workout is as funny as it is helpful (“No cats were harmed!”), especially if you sit staring at a computer all day and want a way to spend some QT with your pet while feeling the burn.

Urban Journal is much different than Cat Workout but is also as funny as it is helpful (see: the Bug Out Bag).  The site gives city readers some advice on how to handle worst case scenarios.

Until Sean pops up in a city near us, we’ll settle for his mix….and videos….

* Also, if you have no interest in social media, you may want to check out isolatr.

http://nonpretentious.com publishes mix tapes every Wednesday in its [mix tapes] column. Our goal is to create a digital version of trading mixes, sharing music, etc. AND also publicize the work of “common people” (i.e. not superstar celebs but celebs nonetheless) who are doing cool things around the globe.

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4 Responses to “ [mix tape] Innovator & Connector Sean Bonner Knows a Lot: Music Included ”

  1. Shaun Seneviratne on May 21, 2009 at 12:51 am

    good playlist! the only artists im missing are Torche and Dropkick Murphys

  2. links for 2009-05-21 | sbdc on May 21, 2009 at 2:01 am

    [...] [mix tape] Innovator & Connector Sean Bonner Knows a Lot: Music Included – nonpretentious (tags: seanbonner music) [...]

  3. Robert Fauver on April 25, 2011 at 9:38 pm

    Dropkick is on there.

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