Our Week in Tweets

March 15, 2009
  • favicons rule. #
  • i’d see built to spill this summer. http://tinyurl.com/7wp2xg i went to pitchfork festival when it was intonation. i had fun times. #
  • my comments about the #Lword season finale are in the comment section of pop candy – http://tinyurl.com/dl7333 – comment back! #
  • still confused about hashtags. would it be the #L word? #theLword? #showtime? #
  • what did people think of #theLword series finale? #
  • anyone know the easiest way to get to #indyhall (@indyhall) from cc without a car? #
  • i can’t wait until Philly gets on #yelp’s homepage. come on! we’re on the easy to find craigslist cities!! #
  • so, do i go eat breakfast or do i fix the big ads at the bottom of nonpretentious? i think i’ll eat breakfast. #
  • i hate writing html from scratch #
  • where should we eat breakfast in philadelphia? we’re in cc and don’t have a car. #

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