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February 3, 2009

If you are anyone who has a Facebook account, you have probably been tagged on this meme where you share 25 random facts about yourself. Well here’s mine, and now you, Nonpretentious, are asked to share the same. Go!

1. I just moved to NH in August, 2007. This is the first time I have lived more than 45 minutes away from my parents.

2. I am an only child and wish, now more than ever, that I had siblings.

3. I am getting married on May 30, after a 22-month long engagement to my best friend.

4. I really enjoyed wedding planning..until it got to the little details…and somedays I just get too overwhelmed.

5. I have a job that I absolutely love and everyday I am thankful that I haven’t been laid off…yet.

6. My Catholic faith is a really important part of my life, and I find strength in going to mass each week.

7. I enjoy lectoring at church and being a Eucharistic minister.

8. I have had at least 3 wedding nightmares while being engaged. They involve forgetting to book a limo, freaking out and cancelling my bachelorette party, and….the third must have been really bad because I have blacked it out of my memory.

9. I am loyal to a fault, and people take advantage of that.

10. It makes me really upset that I have fallen out of touch with friends, especially those from high school, but more so that those friends still keep in touch with each other.

11. I am a really good listener, but have a hard time expressing myself.

12. I get nervous in a most social situations…and sometimes it makes me studder. I hope nobody notices!

13. I wish I could be happy with my body image…I struggle with weight issues from time to time.

14. I have a super hard time being consistent with habits (i.e. going to the gym..eating healthy foods) but I am consistent with relationships, I have been with jordan since 2003 and I am really proud of our commitment to each other.

15. I have a terrible addiction to soda. terrible!

16. I am really excited to have children, but am terrified of screwing them up. But I want to have at least 2!

17. I have an extremely unhealthy addiction to facebook.

18. I love working in the court system, and secretly wonder if I have what it takes to become a lawyer. I tend to not give myself too much credit.

19. I switched majors the first semester of my senior year in college and had to stay an extra semester, but I am now, very happy with my decision.

20. Jordan and i have an insane move collection, that we alphabetize, of course, and separate the TV on DVD from the movies. You know they cannot co-mingle.

21. I didn’t do my first shot of liquor until my senior year of college. I waited until I had the right people around me :)

22. I have an unhealthy obsession with the mail. I cannot wait to come home and check it everyday..and even when I am traveling for work..Jordan won’t even check it because he knows how excited I will be to check it when I finally come home. I don’t know what I will do if mail delivery goes down from 6 days a week to 5!

23. I was in the annual musical from 6th-12th grade. But..I can’t carry a tune. I wish I still had the self-confidence to act.

24. I met Keanu Reeves in Chicago at like 130 in the morning. I was there for an honor society conference and it was the most amazing night!!!!!!! i love him and i don’t care what anyone says. what does a diehard fan say when they are faced with their idol in the flesh? “I really liked you in the Matrix..” I am so ashamed of myself.

25. I love animals, and am sad that we can’t have any in our current apartment. I can’t wait until we move somewhere/own our own home and can start our own zoo. Which may or may not include humans.

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3 Responses to “ Tag, you're it! ”

  1. revisingproust on February 6, 2009 at 11:57 am

    borders got you bad! (“20. Jordan and i have an insane move collection, that we alphabetize, of course, and separate the TV on DVD from the movies. You know they cannot co-mingle.”)

    you know i’m behind you all the way and will help you however i can if you decide to pursue law. (“18. I love working in the court system, and secretly wonder if I have what it takes to become a lawyer. I tend to not give myself too much credit.”)

  2. revisingproust on February 12, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    So, the rules, if you haven’t read them already, are this: copy the rules to a new note and type 25 random things about yourself. Tag 25 people. Hooray!

    1. Most of my life has been blogged. I published at http://lawprocrastination.blogspot.com and http://www.xanga.com/mjsachs throughout law school. Now I publish at http://www.nonpretentious.com.

    2. I own a bunny – a holland lop – who is five years old but I have joint custody with my ex-boyfriend so I haven’t seen Freddi in almost one year. (Rather than sharing weekends, we share years.)

    3. My family members are my best friends. My sister and I are like soul mates.

    4. People always assume that I’m not shy because I have no problem talking to strangers. I feel most vulnerable and, therefore, become most reticent when talking in front of groups of people, especially about topics that mean a lot to me.

    5. I switched schools in 7th grade – one of the most awkward times for adolescents – I’m not sure if I’ll ever get over it.

    6. I’ve probably cried about you (tears of elation, tears of amazement, or tears of sadness), written a story about you, or both.

    7. I need a good two hours per day to stare at a wall or zone out. It’s my recharging time. And I like complete silence.

    8. I have a thing for first generation immigrants. I want my kids to speak another language fluently.

    9. I’m not sure if people from high school would recognize who I am (physically and/or personality-wise).

    10. I’m kinda controversial. I like doing controversial things.

    11. It’s true – I don’t always answer the phone. It’s not true that I’m screening your calls. My phone is probably not charged, on silent, or in the other room. I *am* trying to get better at this – which is why I have a house phone now.

    12. I was a pretty successful recruiter but I quit my job in January to start my own business. I saved up for four months and I’m creating four websites – one on technology & the legal profession, one on career development, one blog on pop culture, and a website for the umbrella company.

    13. I am amazed at the talented people who write for nonpretentious. I look forward to each and every post. (sorry to be cheesy!)

    14. Sometimes I think I’m defined by my English major with an economics minor. I even wrote my law school admissions essay on this topic: http://mjsachs.googlepages.com/lawschool:personalstatement.

    15. I’m known to keep in touch with professors, old bosses, and life mentors.

    16. I like nothing more than to sit in a restaurant, bar, living room, or coffee shop, and really get to know someone (or get to know someone better, deeper, more thoroughly). If we’ve talked till our mouths are dry, till the waiters are giving us looks, till our eyes are closing, or till the sun is rising, you know what I mean. If not, we should do that sometime.

    17. All of my years of tennis lessons have made me into a bad ass wii tennis player.

    18. Example of the weird things that happen in my life: Once I dated a boy and on our third date we realized we shared the same cousins. (funny story but, no, we’re not related).

    19. I may or may not have a forgiveness problem.

    20. I want nothing more than to be understood.

    21. Although this is a list of facts about me, I hate how most of these sentences start with “I.”

    22. I constantly wonder how I’m seen by other people. Most of the time, I feel like people have the wrong idea.

    23. I lack the gene for organizational skills.

    24. My favorite types of friendships are those where you can go months without talking but where you can pick up immediately where you left off.

    25. I’ll probably revise this list sooner or later.

  3. revisingproust on February 17, 2009 at 7:46 pm

    thankfully, doves showed me this.


    A Times analysis of 2.5 million lists (okay, maybe more like six or seven) yielded the following formula for the perfect list, which we offer in the interest of – well, which we offer, anyway, in case someone wants to read it.

    1. Say that you hate things like this, and are doing it only to get the (oh, so many) friends clamoring for your list off your back.

    2. Describe “embarrassing” high school incident that makes you look cool.

    3. Confess to crush on a) third-grade teacher b) obscure indie actor or actress c) your significant other, especially if he or she is on Facebook.

    4. Identify real, but minor, flaw.

    5. Identify major flaw by suggesting how it may also be major virtue.

    6. Cite mean nickname you were given as a child.

    7. Follow with offhand mention of receipt of high professional honor or athletic or artistic achievement.

    8. Describe meeting a celebrity and how it a) disillusioned or b) thrilled you or c) if it’s a really good celebrity just the name will do.

    9. Mention small adversity, like long commute or annoying neighbor, and the unexpected, preferably funny, way you overcome it.

    10. Cite an actual random thing that comes to mind while writing this list.

    11. “Admit” that you always identified with weird ancillary character on popular TV show in 7th grade, as if you didn’t know that everyone in retrospect agrees that was the best character.

    12. Expose something genuine and poignant about yourself, such as untimely death of close relative or rare genetic condition.

    13. Express heartfelt thanks to friends or family for helping you through #12, or just for being there, or whatever.

    14. Conclude sentimental portion of list by citing the scene in movie X that always makes you cry. Could also be a lyric, or a memory, so long as it involves crying.

    15. Something about drugs.

    16. Tell a story of how you stood up to authority. Dwelling on descriptive details can help it not seem like you are making yourself out to be a hero even though you are.

    17. Recount a dramatic moment, like having your heart broken or getting arrested, but withhold details, forcing readers to ask for them in your “comments’’ section. In case you didn’t know, comments equate to status on Facebook even more than number of friends.

    18. Make one up.

    19. Say “one of these is completely made up.”

    20. If you have kids, a) cite weird names you wanted for them and how your more rational, if less creative, spouse rescued them from a lifetime of torture,

    21. and/or b) relate story that appears to expose your inept parenting while in fact highlighting their precocious brilliance. If you don’t have kids, relate a cute anecdote from your early life to show everyone that you’re still a kid at heart.

    22. If you have a pet, you have one item only through which to convey its superlative nature. If you don’t have a pet, talk about how much you yearn for an obscure breed of cat/dog/reptile or, alternatively, how much you hate animals and the people who love them.

    23. Something about parents.

    24. Name skill that you are proud of by recounting unexpected way you acquired it.

    25. Close with the unusual: a) recount a genuinely traumatic event you witnessed or b) name an exotic location that is your favorite place on earth or c) cite a dubious world record that you performed.

    26. This is important: Do not add “bonus” items.

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