Science Experiment: Balancing an Egg on a Nail

January 15, 2009

photo by Andy Hares found on Flickr

In light of my recent trip to Ecuador….I thought you should all know a really cool (yet useless) fact.

During this trip, I *of course* had to see (and straddle) the Equator. I didn’t know that there were so many science experiments and tricks that you could do there (Example: You weigh less in one hemisphere, the classic toilet flush going the opposite way, etc). Another famous experiment is balancing an egg on a nail. Granted, we didn’t have an egg with us. (I really should start carrying around eggs in my purse in case I need to conduct a science experiment – note to self.) SO instead we used a ring. We took the ring off of this girls finger and balanced it on a nail. Really cool to say the least – there were a bunch of “ooohs” and “aaahs” after we *finally* balanced the ring. So, there is my UK of the day. Now that I think of it – knowing Equator tricks isn’t really USELESS. If only I had known I would have had an egg in my purse…..

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