Ready for 100% Fun – What’s Your Favorite Matthew Sweet Song

December 30, 2008

There’s a little bit of a debate over here…which Matthew Sweet song is your fave?

If you can match the contributor with their favorite Matthew Sweet song…well, you’ll get a nice little present in the mail.  

4 contributors (revisingproust, Fortuna_Köln, Bucky_Katz, and BrandyB).  4 songs (Girlfriend, We’re the Same, Sick of Myself, or I’ve Been Waiting).  Your pick.

as an aside, there are now 2 reasons why I love Matthew Sweet.  

#1) Susanna Hoffs is a pretty Jewess.

Matthew with my favorite Jewess

Matthew with my favorite Jewess



#2) Matthew Sweet makes his site with Joomla!  (look at the favicon!)

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