The Best Show that You’re Not Watching: The Life and Times of Tim

November 10, 2008

Let me guess…you’re not watching The Life and Times of Tim on HBO.

And, why not?  Variety calls it charming.  Do you not have time in between your repeated viewings of Arrested Development Season 3, The Office Season 2, Family Guy Season 4, Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 5, or Simpsons Season 7 (from 1995!)?   What else are you doing while waiting for Flight of the Conchords Season 2 to air?


Voice of Tim

Steve grew up in New Jersey where he attended Glassboro State College, a school which decided to re-name itself the year after he graduated. So technically, he went nowhere.

…Steve’s debut animated short film, “Angry Unpaid Hooker,” was given Best Animated Short at the 2006 Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, and became the basis for the The Life & Times of Tim.

Why not put Tim in the rotation?  With OnDemand, DVR, and TiVo, it’s probably a lot easier than you think.  Plus, it’s not only me who thinks this show is worthwhile.  Here is an interview with Tim’s creator, Steve Dildarian, in the Washington Post.  (Remember, Washington Post = major news publication!  Say you’ve been reading the Washington Post and your parents will be proud!!)

You’ll get to meet all of the people in Tim’s life including Debbie, The Prostitute, who Tim seems to think is a) a good choice to pick out a birthday present for his girlfriend (Episode 4: Tim, Stu, and Marie/Miss February); b) a good choice as a replacement gospel choir singer (Episode 5: Bashko’s Hairy Daughter/Tim’s Not Singing); and c) a good person to have around the first time Tim meets his girlfriends’s parents (Episode 1: Angry Unpaid Hooker/Rodney’s Bachelor Party).

Enough said.

…because, really, haven’t you watched this video enough?

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