Speaking of birthdays…

October 7, 2008

They aren’t always happy.

I started at my new job a little more than six months ago, and couldn’t be happier with my decision. My current position is a traveling one, so I am not at my “home” base consistently. I *pretty* much know all of my co-workers [it is pretty small, not more than 25 of us]. As per usual, there is a protocol when it comes to celebrating birthdays. There is the *coveted* list hanging in the kitchen, listing everyone’s birthday, grouped by month, and next to it, it lists their name, and what their *ideal* birthday food would be. Some pick apple pie, others ice cream cake, etc. Since I have not been here a full year, I was inducted into the birthday extravaganza today.

Over the weekend, while I traveled a total of almost 800 miles round trip for a wedding of dear friends, I received a message via  facebook that it was my turn to bring in a cake, but I was not provided with her name or what she wanted. The reason I was notified on FB was because I had not been there the previous week due to another assignment. Being the kind-hearted person that I am, I agreed. This would mean that I would have to give up half of my lunch break and run out to Hannaford’s, hope that they had the kind of cake she wanted *and* that they would be able to write on it all in a very short period of time. Oh, and I had to pick up a card. In the end, I was successful, and I rushed back to work with said cake and card in hand.

I find out, after lunch, that my birthday buddy has indeed taken the day off and our celebration would have to be delayed until tomorrow. Arg. Figures. But, cakes do survive the night, so NBD.

Today, I was all prepared for the anticipated celebration at 3:00 P.M. Unfortunately, I was stuck in court until 3:20, and I was hoping that somebody else would find the cake and take care of things. This did happen, but here is the kicker: it turns out my beloved birthday buddy came over, cut pieces for herself and her people [she works across the hall from us...same office though] and left before anyone could sing happy birthday. No thank -yous, or anything. I truly felt the love for all my hard work and running around.

But…at least I got cake out of it.

Here’s to an enjoyable evening watching the 2nd Presidential debate, town-meeting style. Let’s see if John McCain can muster making eye contact with Obama tonight.

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