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October 10, 2008

Over here at nonpretentious, we like to write to the people who inspire us.

(see: Letters to Inspiring Writers).

We received some awesome feedback from the Editor-In-Chief at Evil Beet.  We thought we’d share it with you.  

We’re really trying to fix our load-time issues.  It’s taking us awhile.  Think of us like a mini-Twitter.  Minus all of that venture capital.

  ‘Sasha Pasulka’ <spasulka@gmail.com>    
 Sent: Mon Oct 6 3:45 
  nonpretentious <editor@nonpretentious.com>
 Priority:  Normal 
 Re: evil beet contact page
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Hi guys,  

Looks like you’re off to a good start.

Your site takes awhile to load, so you may want to look into that, as it could be a deterrent to visitors.

Also change your WP settings so that it uses the post title in the URL slug and not the p=… stuff. That’ll help with search engine traffic. Another SEO tip is to screw around with the WP code to get the name of your post to appear first in your title rather than your blog name. If you’re trying to start a blog as a business, you’ll find that good SEO is, sadly, probably more important than good content. 

Best of luck to you!



On Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 7:57 PM, nonpretentious <editor@nonpretentious.com> wrote:  

hey sasha & wendie:

i think your contacts page is more impressive than any shout-outs to cooler sites.

my favorite part of your contact page is the your v. you’re.  as a grammar nerd, i can totally appreciate.  as a forgetful person, i’ll admit, it’s the most frequent mistake that i make.

anyway, as a fledgling blog, we’d love to hear any insight that you have for marketing, writing, editing, or otherwise.

if you had to start from the beginning, what’s the one thing you would have done differently?

any inspiration would help.  if you’re ever up for an interview, etc., let us know.  we’d love to talk (via skype or gchat).

good luck with your site!

the nonpretentious team



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