Election Got You Nervous? It’s OK, the Supreme Court’s Ready to Bore You

October 6, 2008

Today, the Supreme Court opened for its 2008 term.

Whereas last term the Supreme Court tackled important (read: gossip worthy) issues like gun control [pdf], torture, child pornography [pdf], or the ICJ’s role in death penalty cases, this term the Court decided to take a little break.

Maybe they’re trying not provoke anyone’s attention away from the big year the Executive Branch is having.  Or, maybe these celebs nonpartisans don’t want to be seen as judicial political activists.  Whatever the cause, it’s as if the Court used a bore-o-meter to decide whether to grant cert.  (Remind me never to invite Justice Alito over to entertain guests.  This boring docket nicely coincides with Alito’s recent decision to jump out of the cert pool.)

The one thing that made me laugh: the named parties in the environmental cases that the Court will hear are Summer and Winter.

From the New York Times (for the even bigger yawn-fest, take a look at the questions presented & links to the briefs after the break…brought to you by the ABA website)


Federal courts in California have issued injunctions limiting the use of sonar in Navy training exercises off Southern California on the ground that it harms marine mammals. In Winter v. Natural Resources Defense Council, No. 07-1239, the Bush administration argues that the training is vital to national security and that the courts should not interfere.

In Summers v. Earth Island Institute, No. 07-463, the court will consider who has standing to challenge environmental regulations. Winter and Summers will be argued on Wednesday, and decisions are expected by the spring.

I can see law review articles in the making.  (See: everything that’s every been written on Loving v. Virginia)

From the ABA:

Winter, Sec. of Navy v. Natural Res. Defense Council, Docket No. 07-1239

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