Who has the better radio voice – Jesse or Ira?

September 8, 2008

here’s a conversation between me and a co-worker.

i’ve redacted some not-so-nice things that may have been said in the heat of the moment.

so, like tough_love and her polls, please feel free to leave your comments…

co-worker: im listening to the sound of young america

(hey, boss, if you’re reading this – co-worker means in general. not, like, at work or anything. and, this chat took place in the hallway. not over gchat. i made mental notes and typed up the transcript when i got home.)

me: oh i just recommended the george saunders interview to someone.

The Sound of Young America: George Saunders

me (continued): …i know [Fortuna_Köln]‘s a fan [of TSOYA] but [Jesse Thorn's] voice annoys me.

co-worker: his voice is weird

me: not as soothing as ira’s [as in, Ira Glass. as in, "this american life."]

co-worker: …[Yes, Jesse] doesn’t have the voice of a young american.

me: seriously. it’s false advertising. he needs to pull a milli v. (milli vanilli)

so, who do you think has the better radio voice – Jesse or Ira?

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