Was your first time any good either?

September 8, 2008

Good evening.

I finally have been broken down by my editor to actually become an active participant rather than a pretty name in the ‘contributors’ column.  Apparently I’m also serving as some sort of experiment for her.

I have to say, I like the ‘newspaper’ theme to the site.  it’s about as close to a newspaper as I’m likely to get (published in, that is) at least for the next 30 years when i’ll split my time between writing letters to National Geographic and small town editors.  i suppose this is my practice.

On a completely random note, _Glory_ holds up pretty well as movie from a historical and entertainment standpoint even after 20 years.  I have some qualification to speak to both and I demand your trust.  And in that sense, I’m sick of politicians being so polite. I don’t mean toward each other in regards to mudslinging- that sure as hell doesn’t happen.  I mean in their treatment of voters.  Personally, I would find it refreshing if the candidates stopped pretending they cared so much about the people and would tell the people they need their support and allegience to achieve office and maybe that person will see a bump in some aspect of their life due to general policies while seeing a downswing in some other aspect, none of which will be done personally for them.  I think if the candidates informed us of the utilitarian status they hold us in, it would be much more interesting, as well as give us a much better window to their personality.  On second thought, maybe there’s a reason they don’t do it that way.  I’ll bet McCain’s would be pretty entertaining- you know, if you didn’t crap your pants at how scary it would be (and the man is 72 years old, which makes it especially impressive on his part, but also gives you a reasonable chance you’re not the only one to crap your pants).

Iordain out

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2 Responses to “ Was your first time any good either? ”

  1. Melissa on September 8, 2008 at 11:23 pm

    experiment a success!

    i promise people, i am not a scary editor. (the boring story involved my inept spelling skills and Iordain’s trek through the heretofore unexplored territory of contributors registering themselves!)

    however, with that said, i promise that my next experiment will involve formaldehyde. somehow.

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