shut up and let me vent

September 17, 2008

i’m actually in the worst mood ever.

i thought i’d write a post so you can all understand how incredibly horrible my day has been. (shit, it’s only 2:30). anyways, it started out like any normal day – wake up, put my contacts in, do a little dance to a little diddy on the radio. but THEN, there was no more special K with strawberries in the cabinet, the apple juice was watery, and the gushers were all gone!!!!!! (to those who have read my previous post you understand why this is very tragic). Anyway, I suddenly realized that i wasn’t 5 and decided to not make a scene about the lack o’ food in my humble abode. Soooo…off to class i went. First class – nutritional science. Enough said. Second class – italian. exam. HARD!!!!!!! third class – well i’m waiting to go to my third class now so i’ll tell you how it goes. Anyway, i know most of you are old and grey and college graduates. (that sucks, by the way) luckily, i still get to live the glory days of college. HOW COME NO ONE TOLD ME IT WAS SO HARD??? i’m mad at all of you. ESPECIALLY YOU!!!!!!!!

Okay, i’m not. who i’m really mad at is Lonnie. He tied me up and forced me to get him double stuffed oreos. seriously, Lonnie, calm yourself. Anyway, before i go to my lovely class on greek mythology…i want you all to know that i was NOT satisfied with your help regarding the iliad. i still don’t understand it.

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